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Our Story

At Princess Chambers Inc, we believe all women are born princesses regardless of race, income level, or social status. Our goal is to help young woman identify the princess within so they can grow to become the queens they are destined to be by hosting events, workshops and programs that address the challenges a young women faces today.

In 2009, Princess Chambers Inc. began as an initiative to fulfill a need in the community. Our Founder heard about girls not being able to attend their prom due to family financial hardships and felt led to do something. The first year she reached out to family, friends and the community to seek donations. Within two weeks, she collected over 250 dresses and hosted an event that provided girls with FREE dresses. Since then, Princess Chambers Inc has expanded and served over 800 young women.  It’s more than a free dress; it’s about creating an experience of a lifetime! We want all young women to feel like royalty when they enter the “chambers”.

In 2015, we launched the Crown Princess Scholarship Fund and have awarded eight college bound students since inception.


We provide support, programs and other initiatives to empower confidence in teenagers and young adults.



We also also offer instruction in etiquette and leadership to help young women develop a true sense of their personal power and potential.


We are excited to announce that we will be awarding a young woman with a college scholarship to further her education! Hear more about our Gofundme.com Campaign…

Our Board of Directors

Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer Daniel

Founder of Princess Chambers Inc

was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, with community service being instilled in her at an early age.  After participating in numerous service projects through local community initiatives and abroad, she knew her passion was helping others. In 2009, she learned about girls not able to attend their prom because they could not afford a dress. To address the need, she organized a prom dress drive and collected 250 dresses and hosted an event for girls to feel like a princess while getting a free prom dress. Since then, this initiative has evolved into an organization called Princess Chambers, Inc. and has provided more than 800 girls with free prom attire. In addition to the prom initiative, Princess Chambers, Inc. has evolved its mission to include providing scholarships and mentoring to girls entering their first year of college.

In addition to the work she does with Princess Chambers Inc, Jennifer works full-time as a Director for a workforce development program that helps underserved youth in the Cypress Hills, East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn, NY. She has also taken on additional leadership roles within the agency and recently graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Social Work.

Jennifer’s goal in life is to improve the quality of life for others, leave the world a better place, and help young women identify the princess within so they can become the queens they are destined to be.

Yusuf George

Board Member

is an avid traveler, wine enthusiast and currently works closely with the executive beverage team at Epicurean Restaurant Group, primarily at L’Artusi, an Italian restaurant in the West Village in New York City. When not at L’Artusi, he works at September Wines and Spirits in the Lower East Side and has his own wine newsletter. He has acquired a Level 3 Advanced Award Certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and has furthered his knowledge of wine by visiting vineyards across the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Yusuf, who has always had entrepreneurial interests, is deepening his knowledge of the restaurant and wine retail industries in order to leverage his experiences into his next professional endeavor: opening his own wine bar in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Heather Crocker

Board Member

is a member of the Board of Directors of Princess Chambers Inc. and currently serves as the Director of Human Resources at a non- profit leading the HR team in recruiting qualified people for our fast-growing team and establishing a culture that fosters diversity, collaboration, commitment and achievement. She sets the strategy for high- performance and talent design as well as manages the performance review, compensation & benefits programs and employee incentive systems. She also assists in aligning the team with the business objectives of the organization.

Sunny Pyun

Board Member

is a member of the Board of Directors of Princess Chambers Inc. and works for the Corcoran Group as a Real Estate Broker. Previously, she worked at Bond as a successful eight-year career as a real estate litigator. As an attorney, she defended her clients in high-liability real estate disputes, arising from all phases of multimillion-dollar projects. Property owners and developers recognized her for her ability to assess and avoid real estate risks. Sunny quickly put her negotiation skills to use, and closed approximately $4 million in deals during her first year as a real estate broker.

Latest Events and News

Happy Hour Event

Spring has officially sprung and what better way to celebrate by joining us at our Princess Chambers Inc., Happy Hour Fundraiser on Monday, April 25th!  This event will be held from 6:30PM to 10:00PM at Negrill Village and include raffles, great music, and drink/appetizer specials throughout the night! ALL proceeds from this event will go towards our “Scholarship and Activities Fund” allowing us to continue our mission of not only providing free prom attire to underserved students, but also opportunities that build self-esteem, leadership and empower young women through scholarship, mentorships, and workshops. We would love to see you there and encourage you to share this invite on social media with your friends! If you are unable to attend, you can still make a tax-deductible donation on this page. Please visit www.princesschambersinc.org to learn more about Princess Chambers Inc. Questions? E-mail us at Events@princesschambersinc.org or call (646)588-1375 WHEN: Monday, April 25, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) WHERE: Negril Village – 70 West 3rd Street, New York, NY... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of attending prom for teens?

According to ABC News, the average cost of going to prom in 2013 — the perfect dress or tuxedo, a limo, and pre-dance festivities – has risen to a nationwide average of $1,139. That’s a 5% increase over 2012.

Do dresses and other items have to be returned after prom?

No. Attendees are allowed to keep all items received. They are also able to donate their dresses back to Princess Chambers or to another young woman in need.

Where are the dresses from?

A few months prior to the event, the Princess Chambers Inc. team conducts a prom dress drive throughout NYC where members of the community can donate their formal wear. All items must be gently used, age-appropriate, fashionable, and dry cleaned prior to donation.  Additionally, Princess Chambers Inc. has received donations from companies such as NBC, Rent the Runway, MAC, Laila Rowe, MACYS, NewYorkDress.com, to name a few.

How many girls have received dresses over the years?

Princess Chambers Inc. has served over 600 girls in New York City since 2009.

How can I donate to Princess Chambers?

Please email info@princesschambers.com to coordinate a drop off or mail donations to: Princess Chambers Inc. , PO Box 250-330, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Who is qualified to receive a Princess Chambers Prom Package?

Young women who are graduating from High School are eligible to receive a prom package from Princess Chambers. They must be nominated by their Guidance Counselors based on  their academic excellence, financial need and self-esteem.

Is there a cost to participants?

No, Princess Chambers is a free service to all attendees.

What is included in the Princess Chambers “Prom Boutique” Package?

Young women are greeted by the team and cheered on prior to entering the “Princess Chamber.” Each young woman is paired with a personal shopper that ensures they are treated like princesses and assisted with their shopping experience. After their dresses are selected, they can then shop for jewelry, shoes and other accessories to complete their look. They are also able to receive a mini-makeover with a professional makeup artist and take pictures on the red carpet.

Why is self-esteem a part of the criteria?

Princess Chambers is not just about receiving a free dress but providing an experience that young women will never forget. Personal shoppers are on hand to build their self-esteem and address any concerns about negative body image and encourage these young women to make wise decisions on prom night with regards to substance or alcohol abuse and sexual behavior.

We would love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in volunteering or being apart of our initiative, please send us an email at info@princesschambersinc.org.

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